Branch of David

Branch of David Photo credit: Nazarene is Netzerite Acts 24:5 By Craig C. White The Branch of David is a term used in the Old Testament to describe a decedent of King David. The Branch of David was also a popular concept in New Testament times. Even Roman governors understood that Jesus was the… Continue reading Branch of David

Jesus celebrated Hanukkah!

Jesus celebrated Hanukkah! 2300 days Hanukkah Menorah photo courtesy of Shoshana Hanukkah 2020: Dec 10 – Dec 18 By Craig C. White The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication”. Hanukkah is the Jewish celebration of the re-dedication of the temple in Jerusalem in 165 B.C. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days beginning on the 25th day… Continue reading Jesus celebrated Hanukkah!

Life after the Tribulation

Life after the Tribulation One hundred and done Isaiah 65:20 By Craig C. White I shared this passage about life after the Tribulation period with a class of about 40 well-read Bible students. Nobody had heard of it. Naturally they thought I was nuts. Don’t worry, I am used to it. In life after the… Continue reading Life after the Tribulation

Woe to the Idol Shepherd on YouTube!

Woe to the Idol Shepherd God will raise up a wicked Israeli leader. By Craig C. White What is an Idol Shepherd? Well a shepherd is someone who tends to a flock. A shepherd can also tend people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proven that he is a faithful and strong shepherd. Thank God… Continue reading Woe to the Idol Shepherd on YouTube!

The Devil falls bringing Euphoria or Grief

The Devil falls bringing Euphoria or Grief The Devil’s ousting marks the beginning of God’s great judgment and kingdom. Revelation 12:1-13 verse by verse By Craig C. White Euphoria or Grief, which would you prefer? Every person chooses between the two. God will soon throw the Devil out of heaven. That event divides salvation and… Continue reading The Devil falls bringing Euphoria or Grief

The last Jews in Jerusalem

The last Jews in Jerusalem Don’t Run! By Craig C. White There will be a very special group of people on earth during Jerusalem’s Great Tribulation. They are the last Jews in Jerusalem. Their numbers are few. They may reach into the hundreds perhaps a few thousand. They will suffer. They will survive! They will… Continue reading The last Jews in Jerusalem

Gog is Turkey! Magog is it’s Leader!

Gog is Turkey! Magog is it’s Leader! From my house I can’t see Russia By Craig C. White Bible prophecy teachers say that Magog in Ezekiel 38 refers to Russia. But from my house I can’t see Russia! That view of Magog came about by transcribing “chief” (or the Hebrew word “rosh”) to mean Russia.… Continue reading Gog is Turkey! Magog is it’s Leader!

Satan must fall before the Tribulation!

The Fall of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist © 2014 Craig C. White The falling away of Satan 2Thesalonians 2:1-17 By Craig C. White It turns out that 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 is not about the apostasy of the Church or the removal of the Holy Spirit from the earth during the Tribulation period.… Continue reading Satan must fall before the Tribulation!


Resurrection  Because Jesus lives we will live. By Craig C. White The Resurrection of Jesus Christ happened three days after his death. Every person will also be resurrected. The Resurrection is the raising up again to life of the dead. 1Co 15:3-4  Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;  4  And that he was… Continue reading Resurrection